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To whom it may concern:
I am so pleased that I decided to place my trust in Mike and his team at Ellefson builders for my roof and insulation work. When ice-dams forced work on part of my roof, Mike and his crew discovered that I had larger problems than that. Instead of trying to put a band-aid on the problem or “scare” me into additional repairs, Mike and his team clearly explained what needed to be done. Through the use of pictures and a detailed description, my options were clearly explained. As a homeowner, I was able to see the benefits and the value of doing the job right and going to the expense now vs. trying to save a little money and have more problems down the road.

The Ellefson Builders crew was very professional and courteous while at our house working. They worked efficiently and their presence was not disruptive to our daily lives; and they were very friendly to my family.

While the crew was working, it was nice to know that I was not responsible for their safety. It gave me peace of mind knowing that Ellefson Builders carried full insurance on the crew and that I in the unlikely event of an accident, I would not be at risk financially.

After the job was done, Mike personally walked me through everything they had done and pointed out several areas in which they had taken the time to do things the right way.

I have already highly recommended Ellefson builders to others I know. For the quality, value and professionalism I experienced, I wouldn’t choose anyone other than Ellefson Builders for my future building and repair needs.

David Meyer – Winona, MN


My Dad had a terrible house fire last summer. We were deciding on whether to build new or repair his home. We got 2 estimates from builders including Ellefson Builders. This first step was the beginning of an excellent relationship with Ellefson. Mike’s estimates for repair and for rebuilding my Dad’s home were so superior to the nearest competitor in professionalism, detail and information that for us the choice was clear. Do it right, the first time! We were able to make changes to the design, choose our own colors, siding, fixtures, flooring, room dimensions, roof (50 year replacement), landscaping etc. Everything was laid out on paper with a computer rendered drawing and a written explanation, and of course, a detailed price.

A home fire is the worst of family disasters. Working with the insurance company is a major headache. Mike helped up work with the insurance company and he helped us choose a construction that would be best for resale and energy efficiency. Our end result was on time, on budget and we now have one of the most energy efficient homes in the state. During the building process Mike was in constant communication with us, letting us know what was being done, and when. The ease of communication and the ability Mike has to explain each aspect of the building process is truly amazing.

If Mike and his crew can do such a fantastic job for us in this major disaster and mess of a house fire, I can only imagine they would do an outstanding job for you with any roof, remodeling or new home construction. Do yourself a favor and give Ellefson a call. You won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to discuss Ellefson Builders and the kind of work Mike and his crew have done for us feel free to stop in and talk to one of us at Lakeview Drive Inn. We will be glad to answer any questions we can.

Sincerely and with great gratitude to Mike and Ellefson Builders for a job well done,

Tim, John and Bill Glowczewski
Owners, Lakeview Drive Inn
35 Years

We moved into our Energy Star certified twin home built by Ellefson Builders in October, 2008. Since that time I have been keeping track of our Xcel Energy bills. In our previous home, our yearly usage was running approximately $1850 for electricity and gas. Our average usage for the past three years has been about #1314 per year, which calculates out to an average savings of approximately 29% per year. We keep our home at 71 degrees during the day and at 64 degrees at night, these are the same temperatures as in our previous home.

Before we moved in, I had ask Mike if the basement would be cold. He told me no. I really did not believe him, but he was right - it is not cold.

I can honestly say "I love my twin home". The layout and features in the home are perfect for us.
"Thanks Mike!"




To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for those individuals that are considering contracting for work to be performed by Ellefson Builders, Inc.

We recently had the company do major repair and reshingle our roof and could not be happier with the outcome. It exceeded our expectations in every way as it was completed in a highly professional manner.

Before the project started we were shown exactly what the problems were including photos and what our options were and cost associated with them. During the work Mike Ellefson kept us updated everyday on the progress. The workers were professional at their craft and very thoughtful in their dealings with us. We could not have asked for a better crew to do the work.

I can not speak highly enough on the work Ellefson Builders, Inc. have done for us and they will be first on our list of contractors if we require other work projects that are within their area of expertise.


Jim & Carmen Lennartson
745 52nd Ave
Winona, MN

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Mike Ellefson who worked with me on a big home improvement project last fall.
It all started when I became aware of a Radon problem in my home. I searched for a licensed company to work with. I contacted Mike and he was very helpful and explained what was involved in this process. They completed this work in a day and reduced my Radon level to below the recommended level.

Mike and Ellefson Builders also completed a much larger project in my garage. I wanted the walls and ceiling finished with drywall and a new service door installed. This became a much more involved project than either of us expected. Additional support needed to be added to the ceiling and the major cross beam above the garage door needed to be straightened. Mike, and the people who worked with him, was excellent in explaining what was needed and why. My profession is in health care and I admit I do know little about building and construction. However, I do know how important it is to have this work done correctly. Mike and Ellefson Builders did a great job.

I highly recommend Ellefson Builders for your Radon and building needs. I plan to have them return and work on another home improvement project this spring.

Monica Stanek
La Crescent MN

I am very proud to say I own an Ellefson Builders home. The home was built with excellent craftsmanship. The woodworking was installed with incredible care. From ground up, the home was well constructed and I benefit today from a very warm home. Mike says this and I really believe he means it – He really treated my home as if he was building his own.

He is a partner with Energy Star and I am proud to say my home has been not only built with Energy Star’s guidelines, but has also been certified by Energy Star. And I know this to be true every month when my gas bill shows up – I pay much less now in my utility bills than I did in my prior home.

Mike helped from the very beginning – he drew up the plans the way I wanted. But maybe more importantly, he kept a close eye on my budget while drawing up the plans. He finished the design and it came within my budget. Then he let me do some of the work so I could save some money for a new TV.

I highly recommend Ellefson Builders. If I ever had to rebuild again, I wouldn’t even consider anyone else. Mike is my builder for my lifetime.

– Robin Rislove

My husband and I moved into one of Mike’s twinhomes in January 2008. It was a bittersweet time for us as we had been devastated in the August flooding. Mike’s sensitivity to our needs and his patience with the numerous phone calls and changing of plans speaks volumes for his character. We came up with some creative ideas and customized the home to fit our particular needs. There were so many changes along the way that were initiated by us and Mike never once got frustrated. He would provide us with excellent advice and had numerous ideas of his own, many of which we implemented. Whenever we requested to see the progress on the house we were always made to feel welcome. Mike would even make sure we could get into the house on a Saturday when we would take our children or good friends through to solicit new ideas. After we moved into the house, there have been some little things that have needed tweaking along the way and Mike has promptly taken care of them. His commitment to us continues, long after the sale of the house.

I can’t even begin to say how easy Mike is to work with. He is incredibly patient, soft-spoken, and committed to building a home of excellent quality. He wanted to make sure we ended up with a home that would fit our lifestyle and speak of our tastes and visions. Thanks to Mike, we love our house and are very happy living here. An added plus is the location – we are just seconds away from Pelzer Street. It is very exciting to see how our neighborhood is starting to take shape and grow.

With absolutely no hesitation I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a home. He is a great guy and an astounding craftsman who really takes a lot of pride in what he does.

– Carolyn Rasmussen

Since a home is a long-term investment, it is a good idea to make your selection carefully. I have been very happy with my new home built by Ellefson Builders, Inc. Only the best materials are used and the attention to detail in every part of the building process is outstanding!

In watching my home being built, I could not help but notice the fine workmanship and pride in what they were doing. The house is built as if the Ellefson’s themselves were moving in! Ellefson Builders, Inc. has received the Energy Star Partner designation, which means the homes have to pass rigorous testing, so I know I am getting a structurally sound home that I will enjoy for years to come.

After viewing my new home, as well as others, I am impressed with the reasonable prices. I have not found the type of quality home I have for the price anywhere else. I definitely recommend Ellefson Builders, Inc., for any building or remodeling project that needs to be done.

– Theresa Erickson

With us being first-time home builders, Mike with Ellefson Builders made our experience a very exciting one. Mike is a very professional, honest, and knowledgeable builder that will help you build your dream house. During our planning stage, Mike gave us many creative ideas and options to choose from. He helped us figure out many minor details so we would get exactly what we want with style, design, and color. Mike had great communication with us through the whole process of planning, preparing, and building. He was very understanding when we had a change in plans or any type of concern. We would highly recommend Mike with Ellefson Builders.

– Bill & Tricia Bublitz

Dear Mike:

As I write you this letter of thanks, I am kicking back next to my grand fireplace and marveling at the quality and craftsmanship of your remodel. I have had the opportunity to work with many contractors and carpenters over the years and have to say that you and your team certainly topped them all. Please extend my gratitude to all who were a part of the project. Your attention to detail and sincere interest in a job well done goes unmatched. Many contractors will finish a job and not stand behind their work after completion. You do. It was also nice working with someone who had a strong knowledge of energy efficiency and the options available for achieving it. You will be my first and primary recommendation to anyone inquiring about a reliable and good home builder or general contractor, Mike. Again, thank you and keep building!

– Lana Sacia

In February 2008 we began planning to build a twinhome in Winona with Ellefson Builders. This home is the third home we have built for our family. We found Mike Ellefson to be a very capable contractor and very easy to work with.

When changes and additions were made, we were fully informed of the cost. So when it came to closing, there were no surprises. We would say working with Ellefson Builders was a pleasant experience.

– Arnie and Dar Dammermann

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