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Why should you care? The statistics on radon are shocking! Did you know that lung cancer kills more Americans each year (160,000) than breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined? The EPA estimates 21,000 of them are the result of radon-induced lung cancer. That’s nearly 60 per day! The good news is that by simply testing your home for radon and then mitigating (if necessary), you can virtually eliminate your risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer!

Our Credentials: Since 2007, we have been offering certified radon testing & mitigation services. We are certified by the National Environmental Health Association. Certificate #s 105441RMT & 105440RT. More importantly, we are also Listed by the Minnesota Department of Health. If you find a radon contractor not on their list, we'd highly recommend you call the MDH to ask them why. There's likely a good reason.

Advanced Diagnostics: Additionally we are listed on Minnesota Department of Health's radon contractor list as an "Advanced Diagnostics" Mitigator meaning we have demonstrated specialized knowledge & own specialized equipment that goes above and beyond other Mitigators that are not on the "Advanced Diagnostics" list.

We are Local: We have been serving the Winona area & surrounding communities since 1975. We do limit our radius from Winona to 40 miles. Put quite simply - We cannot afford to do a bad job in our community. Our non-local competitors don't always care about that. To date, we've tore out 12 systems installed by non-local contractors that were not working properly. Those Non-Local contractors wouldn't return the homeowner's phone calls & those homeowners were all very upset.

Extensive Experience: Take advantage of our extensive experience. Since we were a homebuilder first, we have a huge competitive advantage over others in the radon industry. We wont send out 2 inexperienced kids or non-certified Subcontractors to fix your radon problem. The owner of Ellefson Builders, who has been building & servicing homes for over 30 years, will do the work.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: We carry Infrared Cameras, Digital Micrometers, Static Pressure Probes, Pitot Tubes, Neoprene tubing, Video Borescope Inspection cameras, Continuous Radon Monitors & more. These tools provide underslab diagnostic testing & help us conclude which fan we can use while obtaining proper pressure extensions to reduce the radon levels under acceptable levels while also keeping your system as quiet as possible.

100% Success Rate: We have had a 100% success rate & will guaranty to get your levels down to acceptable levels.


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