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Ice Dam Removal

Does your home look anything like this?

ice dam removal

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Roofs are meant to shed water – they are not meant to hold water. When a roof has an ice dam, the snowmelt above it gets trapped behind the dam and cannot get off the roof. The snowmelt ponds and will leach into your home. While it would be best to see the water enter your home immediately, it just doesn’t happen this way. The water can migrate all over your attic or run down walls before you see the signs. Sometimes the signs are mold. Usually when you see the water damage, the water has been there quite some time. If you have a lower pitched roof, even the smallest of ice dams can cause problems.

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Since we are builders, we have the know-how to respect your roofing materials and safely remove those dams without causing further damage to your roof. We use a steamer to safely remove the dams.


Snow Shoveling

In addition to removing the ice dam, we can shovel the rest of the snow off your roof before the snow melts and starts another ice dam.

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Ice Dam Prevention:

Ice Dams are a symptom of a sick house. Yes, we live in Minnesota and yes we have snow, but your home should be built to accommodate these conditions. Bottom line is your attic is getting too warm. This could be from a variety of reasons or it could be quite simple. Before we start, we have to dispel the myth most homeowners believe: “More is Better” – more insulation in your attic is not the issue. While it is true that a good blanket of insulation protects our homes against conduction, there are 2 other very important methods of heat transfer that a good blanket of insulation does not address: convection and radiation. A good blanket of insulation does nothing to prevent convection and radiation.
To pinpoint the problem, we use blower door technology along with infrared cameras and manometers to investigate the source of problems in your home. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment as it will pay off in utility bill savings as well as avoidance of serious water problems. See more about our weatherization services by clicking here.

ice dams

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